Clapham North MOT


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The Story of Clapham North

Clapham North was established in 1960 by

the truly original Ronnie Grant.

Clapham North was not only at the heart of Ronnie's London Cab business, but also the headquarters of his own racing team, where he brought together two of the most famous motorsport personalities; John Barnard and Patrick Head.

Ronnie started racing in 1966 and in 1970 he won the final round of the Formula Vee British Championship. With Patrick Head developing and testing the engines at Clapham North and John Barnard refining and modifying the chassis of Ronnies' Lola racing car

Over the years this racing heritage has ensured that the Clapham North team can apply both expertise and superior technical knowledge to the maintenance and repair of your car. 

If you would like to read more about Ronnie's racing career and the influence he had on two of Formula Ones' most famous characters, click the link to view a magazine article in pdf: How to get ahead in Motor Racing- The story of Ronnie Grant